Article Processing Charges

Upon acceptance, Authors are required to pay a nominal pre-press charges is to be paid. Article processing charges (APCs) are associated with only accepted articles to cover the costs of making the final version of the manuscript freely available via open access. 
APC for Overseas Authors other than India
(Amount in USD)

APC for Authors from INDIA
(Amount in INR)- Inclusive of Taxes



*The above-mentioned charges are effective for all the articles publishing from January 2024. 

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Why do we charge?
This journal is an Open Access, where in the content is free to read. The journal is non-commercial and currently, it is self financing and not supported by any major organizations. Cost is being absorbed only with subscriptions. Hence, a nominal cost will be levied to cover the cost of the following
  • Journal hosting system.
  • Plagiarism screening and Grammar Check.
  • Manuscript submission system.
  • In-house copyediting and linguistic support.
  • Pagination & typesetting.
  • Inclusion in Crossref, giving a permanent DOI and enabling easy citation in other journals.
  • Archiving in repositories, where appropriate, in an internationally recognized, open access repositories.